EWSA Annual General Meeting, Monday 18th July 2016

EWSA Annual General Meeting

Monday 18th July 2016, at 19.05

62 Haven Rd, Exeter, EX2 8DP

1. Attendees

David Parsons (ERC, chair), Jane Evans (ECC, treasurer), Lauren Reid (ExeDBC, secretary), Ray Grigg (ERC, president), Paul Wilson (ERC),Pete Gay (ECC), Sue Brooks (ERC), Brian Fer??? (ERC), Rebecca French (ECC), James Fuller (ERC), Malcolm Taylor (ERC), Lorrain Taylor (ERC), Abby Jones (ERC), Sue O’Connor (ERC), Joe, O’Connor (ERC), John Kelly (ERC), Frances Kelly (ERC), Angel Kelly (ERC), Declan Murphy (ERC), Steve Gibson (ERC), Same Cope (ERC), Tess Green (ERC), Innana Botnes (ERC), Kirsty Baker (ERC), Derik Boustred (EBSAC), Vicky Bandyszewska (ERC), Ernie Lloyd (ECC), Jane Siwer (ERC), Dave Brooks (ERC), Diana Parish (ERC), Jenny Skeet (ERC), Lucinda Sanders (ERC), Brian Fentman (ERC), Grace Wilkins (ERC), Rebecca Kelly (ERC), Lauren May (ERC), Adrian Kelland (EBASC), Ian Sanders (EBASC), Deb Langahm (EXEDBC), Dani Wall (ERC), Stuart Redden (ERC)

2.Apologies for Absence

Sue Bath (ExeDBC), Anthony Peak (ExeDBC), Ed Donohue (ExeDBC), Nigel Wilmington (ERC), Brian Sculpher (ERC), David Lang

3.Minutes of previous AGM, 20/7/2016

Adopted with updates minor spelling corrections.

4.Presidents Statement

Ray Grigg welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending the EWSA AGM. He noted that each clubs activities over lap and it is a credit to each of them that we are a harmonious organisation. The future of the organisation with its new build will enable each club to grow yet still be independent as we use the extra space in the new building as well as develop our clubs further.

We need to ensure that as we go on, that EWSA ensures that it behaves as it means to go on for the new legal structure by making use of our directors and facilities. By projecting a professional image we will enhance our image to new and old users of the river and canal and it will help with our grant applications.

He gave thanks for all the hard work from all the EWSA delegates and officers over the last year and recognises that over the next 12 months there will be  challenges and he expresses hope that they can tackle the challenge. 

5.Chairman’s Report

As with previous years many things have gone on in the background at EWSA. These include:

  • Starting the move to a new legal structure. ERC and EBASC have achieved this while ECC and EXEDBC are working towards it.
  • The Development has had some movement. After recognising that the funding streams are difficult we have contacted the Council and have in principal agreement to try and use a developer to have the building built while still having the ECQT funding to do the fit out. The opertunities are out there if we can find them.
  • Current maintenance is always on going with new shutters in the bar, and a complete reorganisation of the bar area. The chiller has a new casing and the electrics have been sorted in the rowing shed.
  • Governance of the waterways is an ongoing issue with JE going to many meetings with the Canal and River User Group and the Council along with other users to find the best way of managing the waterways. The Canal and River Trust (CRT) are likely to take over the management which is likely to include charging the river users for boats, though it is unclear at this stage how it will affect us.
  • EWSA has helped to get the new Jetty at Double Locks reinstated to enable easy portage of boats to the lower part of the canal, this was assisted by the ECQT to provide the funding.

As EWSA is made up of 4 clubs and we have links with other water way organizations we have to make use of the skills and knowledge to ensure that our future on the Exe and Canal are protected. So anyone who can step up to help would be appreciated.

DP thanked all those who have given their time and effort on behalf of EWSA during the past year.

Finally RG thanked DP for his time in the post of Chairman as he now moves on. 

6.Treasurer’s Report

The Accounts have been inspected (see attached). Some key points:

  • Accounts were inspected and passed assessment by DL
  • JE thanks Tim Spencer for his work as deputy treasurer especily in banking the bar takings.
  • Clubs are encouraged to have social events in the Bar or to use the Classroom for private events to increase its takings
  • The bar prices have been increased in the last year. And takings show that it is now making a profit.
  • Rate and rental support are still important for the clubs running. The new rental negotiation for the next 5 years is due to be renegotiated for December 2016, while Maclanes Unit 3 and 4 have been renewed this year.
  • Maintenance costs on the ageing club house are increasing, however these are deemed necessary to ensure that the buildings are usable until such time as a new building is developed.
  • There is currently ~£30k in the EWSA accounts to cover our operating costs, of this ~£15k is for the building fund and is made from donations and the increased levies.

RG Proposes Accounts, DP Seconds

7.Secretary’s Report

In her role as secretary LR has endeavoured to provide meeting minutes with in two week to ensure that all major events within EWSA have been recorded. There are a number of on going projects as have been experienced

Each club seems to be progressing in their own goals and achievements which is a fabulous mark of how much athletic talent there is on the Quay and I hope that this talent broadens over the next year.

EWSA now has a Welfare Officer (Ernie Lloyd) who has offered to help all clubs ensure that there documentation is up to date and that all clubs are well aligned.

There are many events happening on the Quay over the summer showing how vibrant Exeter Quay is and by being active within the local community we will be able to encourage more people to participate in water activities.

 8.Election of Officers

  • 1. PW proposed and IS seconded Steve Gibson for the post of Chair
  • 2. PG proposed and BS seconded Jane Evans for the post of Treasurer
  • 3. DP proposed and JE seconded Lauren Reid to the post of Secretary

All posts were adopted and filled with gratitude.

  • 4. ExeDBC nominated Ray Grigg to be recommended for the post of President of EWSA.

9.Adoption of Trustees

No trustees were nominated as One has passed away, and two have resigned.  However this should not be an issue as the new legal structure will negate the need for trustees.

 10.Confirmation of Delegates

The representatives from each club are:

Exe-Calibre DBC: Deb Langham and Anthony Peak (supported by Sue Bath)

Exeter Rowing Club: Paul Wilson and James Fuller

Exeter Canoe Club: Peter Gay and Ernie Lloyd

Exeter Sub Aqua: Ian Saunders



12.Meeting End